Content Marketing

Content Marketing consists of a set of techniques aimed to create, position and disseminate online content highly relevant for our target audience.

If this content is attractive enough, it will naturally generate traffic to our website, social media profiles or landing pages, where we will have the opportunity to convert this traffic into new customers or to re-engage the loyal ones.

Content Marketing is the foundation for the Inbound Marketing strategies.


Our team of experts in Content Marketing comes from the world of journalism, technology and the production of major sporting and cultural events. works on every aspect of the Content Marketing methodology:

  • Strategic development and maintenance of online channels: websites, blogs and social media
  • Production of news and press releases, articles, reports and promotional assets
  • Email Marketing campaigns and newsletters
  • Design and orchestration of Marketing Automation campaigns
  • Presentations, infographics, ebooks and video creation
  • Experts in link building and content dissemination
  • Social Media Automation Services

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Who We Are is a Barcelona-based Digital Marketing Agency leaded by Andreu Ballesteros. We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to Online Marketing with a wide experience in the demanding world of Major Events Production. We have managed many successful online operations, such as the 2013 Swimming World Championships or the Barcelona World Race 2015. You can find some examples of our work in the "Success Stories" section.